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Regarding my rebirth and becoming a slime

Regarding my rebirth and becoming a slime

By: 重庆策娱科技有限公司

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"I want to build a city where everyone can live in peace in this world!"

Mikami Satoru, a 37-year-old office worker, was attacked and assassinated by gangsters. After waking up, he found that he had become a slime. The adventure of another world kicked off.

"About me reincarnated as a slime: King of Monsters", the animation is authorized, 100% restore the original plot, the original class voice actor list. The game uses 3D cartoon rendering technology to perfectly restore the wonderful world of fantasy in different dimensions. The gameplay is mainly based on strategy and team matching. Players can collect and develop powerful characters and equipment through rich gameplay such as main plot levels, secrets, and crusades. And through the use of the protagonist Limru’s "Eater" characteristics, freely construct and switch the "Limru" form and characteristics, and develop his own exclusive Limru.

Regarding my rebirth and becoming a slime
Hossam Galal

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