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Refers to the arena

Refers to the arena

By: 指端游工作室

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[Feixue shoots the white deer, just to reproduce the dream of the rivers and lakes. 】

Hundreds of years ago, the barbarians invaded the Central Plains, and the treacherous counterparts collaborated with foreigners to design and open the door barrier, causing the gorges to fall everywhere, and Shanhe Sheji turned into a beacon of war in a blink of an eye. The last hurdle leading to the Central Plains-the loss of Yanziwu Camp even more shocked the rivers and lakes. The people of the Central Plains and the six major sects also rebelled to defend the Central Plains, and constantly secretly detect the traitorous officials and party members of the *** family.

Classic war chess, brand new gameplay! "Finger Fighting Wulin" has exquisite and beautiful screens, interesting and diverse gameplay, and easy and barrier-free interactions! Relaxing games, happy socializing, good-looking, fun, and good friends, all in the battle!

[Game Features]

A pure martial arts mobile game with a novel style of painting;

Reproduce the classic turn-based combat gameplay;

Interactive competitive gameplay in various modes;

A martial arts system with any combination of hundreds of martial arts.

[Introduction to Featured Gameplay]

Defend the capital: The Central Plains was strongly attacked by the barbarians, and the soldiers were defeated in succession. There has been a bloody storm in the central plains that has been calm for a long time. It is time to stand up to prevent foreign invasions and defend the country's territory!

Six sects: Each sect has different characteristics. Any disciple can become the head of the sect as long as he has the strength.

Martial arts moves: Many martial arts are free to play. Hundreds of free combinations can be collected and studied to trigger powerful powers. Various martial arts states such as poisoning, piercing armor, crit, stun, and sealing acupoint can't stop.

Huashan on the sword: Regarding the victor of the Wuhui friends as the king, who is the hero for each performing unique skills. The three groups of Huashan Lunjian give every player a chance to board the highest PK stage, realize your heroic dream, and feel the cheers and shouts of the onlookers!

Arena competition: Fighting all over the world is hard to find an opponent, and Megatron Wu Lin is a hero. You can play alone or in a team here, randomly match opponents, and break through levels to win treasures.

Wilderness: It’s too slow to get crafting materials from monsters. Why don’t you try to ask other players to "borrow points"? But also pay attention to the opponent's airborne support!

[Compatible Operating System]

For the time being, only devices above Android 4.0 are supported

Refers to the arena
Hossam Galal

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