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Real Life: Rebirth Simulator

Real Life: Rebirth Simulator

By: 萌石游戏

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Open this game and you will have:

A chance to go back in time

This is not just a game

It's a reflection of your inner character

What will your other life be like?

If there is another chance

How will you live your life

Can you seize the opportunity

Can it become the trend-makers of the times?

Some blockbuster, some lose all games

Different choices, unknown destiny

Real life, ordinary people

Never have nothing, be in debt

How to start from scratch?

Break into society, do business

Set up your own small factory,

Real estate company, internet celebrity anchor company...

Can you seize the opportunity and get rich overnight?

Reshape a legendary life!

Spend a lot of money, luxury houses and luxury cars

Encounter a partner, have children

Enjoy life, comprehend life

Family love friendship

The road of life will not be smooth all the way

You have to face all kinds of setbacks

Different births, unfair destiny

Can you walk out a different life here

Farewell and miss, fight for protection!

Collect clues and solve many mysteries

What kind of story will this be?


Real Life: Rebirth Simulator
Hossam Galal

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