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Raptors cross the river

Raptors cross the river

By: 深圳市萌创天成科技有限公司

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[Game Background]

As a prince of one party, he led his subordinate heroes and heroes to be active in the Three Kingdoms era.

Raptors Crossing the River is an all-weather real-time national war strategy mobile game. There are more than 400 city strongholds in the world. Players are in such a chaotic world. When to attack, when to defend, they will join forces, develop the main city, and gather generals, all of which build their own national territory from scratch. .

With the original intention of restoring the era of the Three Kingdoms War, the game also added the unique game system of the Three Kingdoms era, such as the Council Chamber, Military Order, and Imperial City Hegemony, which made the role of the princes of the Three Kingdoms more in-depth and free. Through your own choice, you can highlight the player's behavior. The unique character and charm of the monarch, together vying for the land of China in the Three Kingdoms era.

War exists all the time, properly use the bravery and resourcefulness of your heroes and heroes to portray a different life in the Three Kingdoms era! Brotherhood, land grabbing, fierce resistance in national wars, and tactics outside of national wars, who can rule the world?

Hurry up and join the Raptors to cross the river and ignite your passion for national warfare at any time!

[Game Features]

1. Ten Thousand People's National War

Ten thousand people gather in a Three Kingdoms world, with more than 400 city strongholds, and siege locations are everywhere!

2. Heroes come out in large numbers

Nearly a hundred heroes of the Three Kingdoms are available for recruitment, and the generals are equipped with rich strategies to form the strongest lineup and build your own Three Kingdoms army!

3. Explosive appearance

Swordsman by well-known painters, the pictures are cool, and each character in the Three Kingdoms has a distinct personality!

4. Easy to develop

Card-style development, easy to use, and your most real gaming fun!

5. Strategy duel

Choose a frontal decisive battle or a roundabout battle, with rich strategies, hand-to-brain coordination, and the three kingdoms hegemony battle to the end!

Raptors cross the river
Hossam Galal

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