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Protect liver and repair immortals

Protect liver and repair immortals

By: 智汇玩游戏

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"Protecting the Liver and Cultivating Immortals" depicts the entire world of immortal cultivation with ink painting style, tracing the origin of immortals in the world of immortal cultivation, conquering demons as demon servants along the way, cooperating with demon servants all the way through thorns, and embarking on the road of seeking immortals.

When Xiu Xian sits, it is ten thousand years

The road to cultivating immortals is too long. I waited for cultivators to act against the sky. It is normal to have all kinds of tribulations, as long as they break through the thorns. Hey, what's the meaning of fighting with people, fighting with heaven is full of joy.

Although the path of cultivating immortals is boring and boring, placing the phone on the hook allows you to easily spend this long and boring meditation practice, allowing you to do other things for yourself while practicing. Looking back, the immortal world has passed decades and has long been successful in cultivation.

The woman in this world is really like her

Did you know that dreaming back to the mortal world, the thousands of lingering emotions, are only for you?

Cultivation to become immortals, but immortals also had seven emotions and six desires, love, hatred, and hatred. On the road to immortality, there will always be a woman who silently supports you to cultivate immortality, but now it’s different. We have female roles. She is not only behind. Silently support you, you can also practice side by side with you, as long as

Do you think it hurts to become an immortal and Taoist couple?

The demon way becomes immortal, the law of heaven is difficult to tolerate, to cut the demon and eliminate evil in order to control the world.

The demon way is not the immortal way? Wrong, everything is equal in the Immortal Dao, but anyone who has spirits can cultivate immortality, but the demon cultivating immortal Dao may fall into the magic path because of a difference in thought. At this time, people like you on the right path of immortality are needed to guide the demons in the direction of immortal cultivation. Need you to give them one

Bright Xiuxian Avenue. Conquer monsters as monsters and let them accompany you. Give full play to their strengths, form a five-element formation with you, overcome all difficulties, and lead them to become immortals.

Five elements match, cultivating immortality is not tired

Wood produces fire, fire produces soil, native gold, gold produces water, and aquatic wood.

No one has ever stipulated that a person can only go in one direction, let alone the path of cultivating immortals. You have to be proficient in the five elements, integrate the five elements, and combine the five elements with magical powers to display abilities that a single attribute cannot. Let 1+1 be greater than 2. Thousands of exercises and tens of thousands of magical powers, matched only for you

Your own five-element array method uses your mind to give play to the most powerful force you have in your hands.

Protect liver and repair immortals
Hossam Galal

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