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Pokémon Adventure

Pokémon Adventure

By: 网易游戏

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Pokémon you know and love...have changed? ! In this casual collection and battle mobile game with cube-shaped Pokémon as the protagonist, you will come to the "Fangkola Island" across rocks, deserts, grasslands... to gather ingredients, cook dishes, attract Pokémon, collect, Forge mysterious ashlar to enhance the strength of Pokémon! Here, you can experience a lot of innovative gameplay and enjoy a unique adventure experience! New battle challenges: real-time PVP confrontation, friendly strategy comparison, themed season to climb the standings, gather and fight together to challenge the powerful leader Pokémon! Unique heart-warming social interaction: free communication with the friend system, the expedition group builds an exclusive team, meets new partners, and adventures are not alone! Fun decoration system: rich collocation, free installation...are the explorers ready? Hurry up and set out to explore with the Pokémon!

[Pokémon party? ! Cute "Fang Kemeng" is leaving]

Pikachu, Wonder Frog Seed, Jenny Turtle, Little Fire Dragon... have all the Pokémon you know and love changed? ! On the mysterious island named "Fang Cola", you will explore, fight, and hunt for treasures with the cute "Fang Ke Meng"!

[Cooking dishes attract Pokémon, a new cauldron is being prepared]

Gather ingredients and cook delicious dishes, and the cute square Pokémon will be attracted. Cook brand-new cauldron dishes and attract more Pokémon at once!

[Interesting treasure hunt, wonderful island adventure is underway]

The mysterious side of Cola Island is waiting for you to explore. During the adventure, you will encounter various wild Pokémon and start intense battles with them! Adventure challenge, food collection, ashlar treasure hunt, and a variety of precious resources are added to obtain PVE gameplay, which is more interesting and has more surprises! There is also a new way to gather and fight together, invite you to challenge the powerful leader Pokémon, a new mysterious area of Fangkola Island, waiting for you to explore!

[Develop a unique Pokémon, Pokémon special training enhancement is in preparation]

Intimate special training system, level special training, move special training, environmental investigation, help the development of Pokémon; strengthen forging, attribute forging, create high-quality ashlar, and cultivate a unique Pokémon!

[New PVP gameplay, the challenge of strategy and courage is unfolding]

Brand new PVP gameplay, real-time PVP confrontation, attribute matching, partner skill selection, fierce PVP competition! The friendly match strategy is discussed, you attack and we defend, the offensive team is reasonably matched, and adapts according to the circumstances; the defense team arranges decorations to enhance the defense, and there are six major positions in the theme season to challenge the full-service explorers!

[New social gameplay: the expedition group’s heart-warming socialization is ongoing]

Rather than go alone, it's better to go in company! The new friend system is online, the world channel chats, friends express love each other, camp visits, friends fight together, and meet new partners on the adventure! The new expedition group gameplay invites you to build an exclusive team, complete group orders together, exchange props, and work together to create a group exclusive camp, and the group shop can redeem rich rewards! Help each other, explore alone no longer!

Pokémon Adventure
Hossam Galal

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