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Pocket Ji Daily

Pocket Ji Daily

By: 木七七游戏工作室

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Here, "adults" and "little people" live together;

Here, become the training manager of mini humans;

Here, live with pop girls blushing and heartbeat;

In the face of taboo love, is it to let go or to be sincere?

Daily life, the accumulation of fetters, let's move forward for love and dreams together!

As a graduate of Pope Sociology, you repeatedly bumped into the wall for various reasons and could not find a job as an assistant manager for a while. On this day, you stumbled upon a mini bus flying into the green belt and rescued four "Bo Pu" girl.

Since then, a brand new life has begun...

【Notes for managers】

1. For Poppers who have just passed away, please do not ask their real names and sources;

2. The manager has the secret task of understanding and supplementing the background and history of the Pope family;

3. Managers are not allowed to disclose the past of a Pope to other humans or Poppers at will;

4. Do not bring cats, dogs and other pets in places where you may encounter Poppers;

【Pop World Guide】

• What is the daily life of the girls? You can spend all these youthful daily lives with them and experience a different day;

• Everyone in this world has their own personalities, emotions and stories. Casual conversations may bring you an unprecedented experience. The youth group portraits woven from the sentiments of young girls are waiting for you to explore;

• Every moment that brings heartbeat or shyness or sweetness is frozen into frame after frame of exquisite and beautiful CG pictures, collect memory and write your unique story;

• The joys, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows and joys of the girl are all affected by your every sentence and every action. From strangeness to intimacy, you can discover a unique her in all directions.

Pocket Ji Daily
Hossam Galal

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