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Pocket Ji Daily IF Line

Pocket Ji Daily IF Line

By: 木七七游戏工作室

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At the end of the 20th century, a mysterious "mini-man" named "Pop" descended on the earth, and the world gradually developed into a world where adults and villains coexist.

You who run a homestay, transfer a valuable "black list" for the funding week, and the four "girls" who stayed in——

Indifferent and arrogant have elf ears, elegant and arrogant are black, long and straight, serious and serious but in the second shape, mouthless beast ears come and go like wind...

They are your black single tenants, who are extremely lacking in normal people's recognition, and a series of strange things follow one after another as they move in.

Who are the four "girls" and what are they going to do to the earth as alien invaders?

What is the connection with Pope? Will human beings and Pope fall into opposition again because of it?

——Manager (Mr./Miss), relax, this time you don’t need to fight to save the earth yourself.

What you have to do is to fool them to work for you!

★In the second of the opening, the main story of "Daily" is relaxed and funny, the adventures of "Non-Daily" are intense and exciting, and all kinds of taboo love run through the whole story

★Full dynamic character drawing with rich emotions, Japanese drawing with handsome boys and girls, stylized UI with handsome personality ~ high-precision graphics, 1280*720 pixel production

★The plot text only has lines, and the emotions, actions, and environment descriptions are all expressed on the screen, which is closer to the [animation]!

★As the plot is unlocked, many gameplays such as character interaction, map adventure, homestay nutrition and cooking, etc. will be presented one by one.

★The original project "Pocket Girl Daily" TapTap has received a total of 40,000 appointments and a score of 9.1. The well-made may not let you down ❤

Pocket Ji Daily IF Line
Hossam Galal

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