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Panda Forest

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OMG! How can a panda be so cute! Completely fallen!

The "national treasure" healing simulation collection game "Panda Forest" perfectly restores the "hanhan" appearance of panda dumplings.

The lazy soft waxy panda, occasionally turning its head, can empty your blood tank!

Find a way to attract more cute pandas. When the panda is found, it will wave its short fat cute hands and feet and slowly fall to the ground.

Let’s do another 360-degree full-body flip, twisting your short, fleshy tail at you,

Even if the small dumpling has completed all the exercise today!

Look, your little cutie is about to fall from the tree! Hurry up and catch it!

[Game Features]

▪ The unique charm of pandas has the power to heal people's hearts just by looking at them! Spend relaxing time with giant pandas

▪ Bunny girl, little strawberry, blue panties...26 kinds of giant pandas in magical costumes are waiting for you to unlock, feel the joy of collecting

▪ Collect pandas, obtain panda coins, expand forest greening, and contribute to environmental protection


▪ Collect pandas and get panda gold coins. Use resources to unlock new varieties, increase greening rate, and expand forests.

▪ Click on bamboo to increase the speed of pandas appearing and attract more pandas faster.

▪ Clicking on the pink panda hanging a balloon can greatly increase the production speed of pandas in a short time

▪ The appearance of the golden panda can reach the maximum production income within the time limit.

When there are multiple pandas in the manor, drag one panda and don't let go, there will be surprises!

Panda Forest
Hossam Galal

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