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Otherworld Legends

Otherworld Legends

By: 凉屋游戏

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The Soul Knight team's new masterpiece!

Otherworld Legends is the latest creation of Ryouga Games, a super-sensational action-Roguelike game.

Explore different worlds featuring refreshing bamboo forests, zen-like gardens, majestic underground labyrinths, and psychedelic void palaces.

Ride a variety of battle-hardened heroes, collect and combine bizarre and interesting items, and make each game a unique experience!


Excellent warriors from different times and regions of the world, in the Shura fantasy world created by the Asura King, through trials and tribulations, finally discover the secrets behind this illusory world.


- The refreshing blow of fist to flesh and arrow to heart.

- Multiple characters, multiple fighting styles. Melee fighting, long-range shooting, magic control? There's always one for you.

- Plenty of monsters and levels, from fierce horses to cute monsters, fight until your hands are soft.

- A large number of unique abilities and items, the combination of the most suitable for your fighting style.

- Random levels, hidden rooms, secret shops, hidden bosses and other dungeon elements to explore.

- Assist the enemy, not afraid of handicap, unprecedented smooth action game experience.

- Unique pixel 3D style and hand-drawn frame by frame detailed animation.

Otherworld Legends
Hossam Galal

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