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Onmyoji moves chess

Onmyoji moves chess

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"Onmyoji" is a turn-based strategy chess game based on the original IP of "Onmyoji". It is a deified chess game with fingertips. Eight players played on the same stage, matched strategy and Shishi lineup, and survived to the last minute to win. The game continues the beautiful and windy style of "Onmyoji". On the basis of the authentic Heian period, there are a variety of board styles to choose from. All the Onmyoji players gather here to make a decisive battle in the chess game.

Two-dimensional style Onmyoji IP series

As an IP series of "Onmyoji", the game continues the beautiful Japanese and Japanese style. Each shikigami has its own unique skill design. In this world of monsters and dreams, the shikigami will be transformed into chess pieces one after another, and they will fight under the command of the players.

Free combination of various chessboard shapes

The game has a variety of board and accessories to choose from, the romantic pink cherry board, the summer-style beach board, and the neon-style Japanese board, freely combine to create your own board. There are even more Q cute mascots to cheer for and make the game more interesting!

Fetters bonus, multiple collocation strategies to win

Activate the bond, the effect gains. When chess pieces with the same positioning or characteristics reach a certain number on the field, the bond effect will be activated. The same type of fetters will be divided into multiple grades, and the successful activation of the fetters will gain powerful buff attributes. The universal bond chess piece "Quatai" can increase the bond number of all the Mahjong chess that you have positioned by one point! The strategy is more flexible and the chess game is more unpredictable!

Arrange troops to strategize and battle with wisdom

Arrange troops to fight with wisdom; touch the cards to rise to the stars and increase your combat power. Purchase, form, and upgrade chess pieces, nearly 50 gods for players to match freely, form the strongest team, randomly drop equipment, and enhance your combat power. Strategies are interlocking, and onmyoji players have an intellectual duel.

Play the game at your fingertips, play the game wisely! Hurry up and download the game and dominate the battle with onmyoji players!

Onmyoji moves chess
Hossam Galal

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