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Oil conflict

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"Oil Conflict" is a strategic card mobile game with the world energy crisis and oil depletion as the background. In the game, commanders can build-upgrade modern skyscraper buildings and produce combat vehicles with different weapon characteristics. At the same time, in the ups and downs of the plot, grab the limited oilfield resources to develop and strengthen your own strength, and experience the grand performance of 60 combat vehicles in the future war.

Combat mode:

 ★ Each battle can take on 5 teams, and up to 60 combat vehicles can fight in the same field. With vehicle AOE skills, hero talent skills, etc., it can show cool modern war scenes.

 ★ The guild battle start location-alien battlefield, according to the war situation, guild members can initiate a force build-up to all members to attack or defend against hostile forces. Facing different enemies, actively use tactical deployment to gather superior forces for offense and defense, and enjoy the thrill of fighting in the army.

Featured gameplay:

 ★ Trading center, buying and selling oil futures, becoming a business tycoon

 ★ Hero system, recruit all kinds of heroes with wonderful skills to help you win the battle

 ★ Combat vehicle system, 12 combat vehicles with different skills are matched with heroes, kill the enemy by surprise

 ★ Different from traditional SLG games, there is no need to waste time marching on the big map to obtain resources, and directly explore oil to grab resources

Oil conflict
Hossam Galal

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