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Ninja Jump Jump

Ninja Jump Jump

By: 柠檬酱游戏

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This is an addictive little game! Super simple gameplay, super novel positioning, be a jumping ninja dominating the sky~

Go when it's time to do it, my friend

Rich game modes to choose from:

[Friends vs. Battle]

Bored with friends, don’t know what to do to pass the time? Let's play Ninja Jump!

2P battle, let’s learn ninjutsu with friends~ The one who loses will be responsible for running errands (#^.^#)

【World War】

If you feel that you are strong enough, go to conquer the world and let other strong people bend their knees to you!

Choose the best ninja character and fight against ninja masters all over the world. Today, who is the strongest jumping ninja must decide the outcome!

【Survival Mode】

This is the highest test of evasion skills, challenge the super melee! In the melee, Neng Gou Nenggang is absolutely honored, and become the last survivor!

【3V3 Team Battle】

Playing alone is too boring, and friends are not around, you can still play 3V3 team battles~ ah! How come one afternoon is gone!

Choose three characters of your choice, form an invincible combination, and challenge another three-person ninja group! The role matching is very important~ It's time to test the strategy!

[Practice Mode] If you feel that a ninja can't make it to the big scene, let him continue practicing in retreat. After choosing a ninja, throw it directly into the practice room so that he can practice enough before coming out to fight, and become stronger easily!

Ninja Jump Jump
Hossam Galal

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