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Nightmare island

Nightmare island

By: 小虫工作室

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"Nightmare Island" is a Buddhist card game, which is characterized by a combination of the Japanese-style RPG "protagonist" form. We don't have many "heroes", but have a unique "transfer" card gameplay.

Four protagonists with great storytelling. They can change jobs and be promoted to a variety of different professions on the journey. They can fight against monsters by matching their professions. Not only that, you can also match buffs for skills and adjust the order of skills release. Extremely brain-burning!

[Japanese-style job transfer system]

The four protagonists allow you to transfer, one upgrades, all professions share, 84 professions for you to choose

◆ The warrior who will always stand at the forefront ===》Shield Guard, Knight, Mercenary

◆ The princess who always loses a rib ===" Magician, Conjurer, Priest

◆ The guardian of the old relic === "Hunter, Assassin, Valkyrie

◆ Scholars Cursed of Immortality ===" Great Sage, Raging Werewolf, Guardian Giant Bear

[Commander of the floating island]

Starting today, you have been assigned to the island owner to train a team of brave men to retake the continent that originally belonged to mankind.

You can use various facilities on the floating island to strengthen your team.

[Busy brave & you of salted fish]

The braves search for monsters on the floating islands to fight, and spawn monsters day and night, but as a commander, you can get rich profits with one click when you go online every day

[Rich strategies]

Can't the boss fight?

★ Free transfer

★ Change inscriptions (talent)

★ Adjust the skill release sequence

★ Experience the thrill of winning with low combat power

[Rejecting duplicate Rogue elements]

What will happen to the idle game combined with the dungeon advancement?

That is, when you are free, you can feel the different maze gameplay on each floor. When you are busy, just put it aside~

Nightmare island
Hossam Galal

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