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Neck pet

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In this world, there are a group of cute neck pets, and caring for their necks is their mission. They survive by allowing you to exercise your cervical spine to gain physical strength and gold coins. Now they decided to embark on a new journey to spread the awareness of cervical spine health throughout the world.


Control pets to chase candy, defeat other partners to win

Novel AR game experience, relax the cervical spine and exercise the neck during the game

Based on the new features of ARkit, iOS11 devices can get better lighting effects and more precise positioning

Travel to 25 locations with different styles and call on people to join the ranks of caring for the cervical spine

Get acquainted with more than 30 cute and interesting neck pets and form the largest publicity team

=Gamified fitness method=

-When experiencing the AR gameplay of the neck pet, straighten your arms naturally to get the health effect of stretching and relaxing the neck

-Set your own health reminder alarm clock, no matter how busy you are, don’t ignore your neck health

In order to facilitate communication, you can join our QQ group: 199256607 to contact us, we will pay attention to the feedback of each user, and strive to make "Neck Pet" a favorite work for everyone.

pay attention--

AR games need to obtain camera permissions

The AR battle game requires network support, please pay attention to the traffic

Please pay attention to the surrounding environment when playing the game, be careful not to slip down

I wish you all have fun 😊

Neck pet
Hossam Galal

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