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In the 33rd year of the Republic of China, the three forces of the Yan'an Red Government, the Chongqing National Government, and the Nanjing Puppet Government surging against each other.

As a high-ranking official in the Kuomintang Military Command, you were attacked and imprisoned by men in black after attending the director’s house banquet. Faced with severe torture, you don’t know anything about it. It turns out that you hurt your brain when you were attacked, and temporarily lost your memory, so now you really don't know anything. who are you? Who attacked you? why? What is your mission? All that is left is to explore by yourself.

With the unraveling of the secret rooms, the cocoons are peeled and the cocoons are peeled, and the layers progress. that power? love? faith? Fragments of fragmented memories gradually surface your true identity. The clarity of identity brings new tasks, an extremely important undercover list, which affects many forces and affects the overall situation. When you think that the task has been successfully completed, is the fact really what you see?

[Game Features]

☆Classic puzzles, brain-burning game experience

☆Real-life interpretation, exciting action scenes

☆Narrow the distance between online and offline, and experience real-life escape room on your mobile phone


-Use the map in the upper right corner to switch rooms

-Click to pick up the props and complete the interaction

-Drag the props in the backpack to use on the target

Thank you Chengdu TFS Super Secret Room for your support and cooperation.

Hossam Galal

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