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Mystery Tracking

Mystery Tracking

By: 乐云无线

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Mysterious crime scenes, creepy tools of crime, clues left by criminals, who is the real murderer among the many suspicious targets? "Mystery Tracking" allows you to become a detective, come to the crime scene, solve the case, arrest the real murderer, and have a detective addiction.

"Mystery Tracking" is a fun puzzle game, crime scene, collecting evidence, genetic matching, arresting suspects. In the game, the player acts as a fledgling police detective and takes over complicated cases. In the process of solving the case, the player needs to collect evidence at the crime scene, extract genetic fingerprints and match them, and finally arrest the suspect. Players will get generous rewards every time they complete a case, and the rewards can be used to build their own police department. What are you waiting for? Come and become the most famous detective in "Mystery Tracking"!

[Game Features]

1. Highly restore the process of solving the case

In the game, players can feel the original crime detection experience and understand the real crime detection process

2. Challenge the player's observation and analysis

Players judge possible modus operandi based on the potential information left at the crime scene, and then collect key evidence to accurately target the murderer, which requires excellent observation and analysis capabilities.

3. Innovative police construction gameplay

Players can use the rewards to build their own police department in the game, and watch the police department grow and feel a little bit of accomplishment!


1. After selecting a case, enter the process of solving the case

2. Players need to complete different operations according to different processes, such as restoring the scene, collecting evidence, etc.

3. Successfully solve the case will get rich revenge and open the next case

Mystery Tracking
Hossam Galal

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