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My star knight

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"Hey, how are you! Are you the one we want to protect?"

In 202X, the invincible "invaders" suddenly appeared.

And you have become the key to the war?

It feels so good to join this super power academy and be guarded by young and handsome star knights\*^_^*/

However, they who fight with their lives need your protection even more...


[Game Features]

☆Hundreds of characters are 100% Live2D, click and click at will, and interact in real time...

Handsome character, just a piece of paper that doesn't move? certainly not! Live2D makes each character "live"~

"You, what are you doing? Always poke me, I'll be shy!"

☆ Nearly a million words of plot, the perfect combination of royal blood battle and campus youth love

The original worldview is full of suspense. Sentimental and beautiful school feelings, refuse to abuse the heart, only sweet~

☆ Tap to explore, automatic battle, one-handed operation, easy game

Eliminate all kinds of tedious operations, just click with one hand, relax and play, even lying in bed

☆ Attribute restraint, coordinated attack...a bit brain-burning~

No brains to organize high-rare cards into a team? How does that work! According to the enemy's circumstances, it is the correct way of formation! Stuck? Let's try to change the captain~

☆ Simple development, no liver or krypton!

There is no complicated "dog food", there is not a lot of "strengthening stars": battle upgrades, breakthroughs with the same card, one weapon per character, 100% successful enhancement, and rejection of bottomless card development~

☆ Cooking, a gift of love for your adored "him"

Come and cook your own food! No matter how indifferent the boy, he will blush when he encounters his favorite food~

☆ Join the federation, chat freely, and explore with players from all over the world!

No need to complain that there are no people living in the server, the same server all over the world, and cross-border chat! Zero distance in the world~

☆ Conscience activities are open at any time, don't miss it!

Wonderful branch plot, new challenge boss! Don't worry about the difficulty, as long as you participate, there will be rewards~

My star knight
Hossam Galal

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