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My girlfriend sharing room (beta)

My girlfriend sharing room (beta)

By: 嘉量游戏

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When you grow up, you have to face a very real problem——

Is it to work hard to make money to buy a house first, or to find someone to start a family?

When you were in a dilemma, it happened that your parents decided to first pay for you a large house in the city center, which gave you a lump sum of 1 million yuan for the living expenses you need in the next few years, but the mortgage will have to be repaid for a total of 20 years, and the monthly payment will also be 80,000. Yuan, the rest is up to you...

A way to get the best of both worlds-find a pretty lady and share a rent together, you can earn a rent and have more choices for your future girlfriend!


The house is in hand, and there is still a girlfriend! Hurry up to become a good landlord (in fact, it is the way of no return to find a beautiful girlfriend with selfishness)!

[Game Features]

1. Unlock the decoration house

Reach a certain unlock condition, decorate rooms of various styles, and invite more and more beautiful tenants to stay!

2. The landlord makes fancy money

A fancy way of making money with the necessary skills for a good landlord-in addition to caring about renting a house, you should also concentrate on creating web articles, online live broadcasts, and online fortune-telling. Only you can't think of it, but there is no way to make money that the landlord can't find.

3. Tenants share daily

Renting together is to better deepen the relationship between each other, and all of this needs to start from the daily small things: free chat, intimate interaction, feeding and gifting, game competition, division of housework, reasonable arrangements can cultivate the tenants’ individual This kind of attribute can also take your relationship to the next level~

4. Community glory PK battle

The house is beautifully decorated, and naturally there are more beautiful tenants. It is inevitable that you will suffer from the envy and jealousy of others, and you will also receive challenges from landlords from all over the world from time to time! It's time to prove the strength of the beautiful tenants, please always be ready to attack!

My girlfriend sharing room (beta)
Hossam Galal

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