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Headmaster, please stay, all sword fairies listen to the order!

The demons invaded, the fairy gate fell, gathered the power of the sword fairy, led the sect, extinguished the demons, and restored the glory of Shushan!

The reservation of "My Fairy Gate" is open. We sincerely invite you to enter the Fairy Gate and set the world! Incarnate as the head of Shushan, experience the ninth reincarnation, manage the fairy gate, recruit sword immortals, travel to the beautiful Shushan with the same sect and thousands of heads, search for immortals, kill demons, and slay demons in the mobile game of Xinguofengxiuxian. , Explore the ascension of the robbery, relax the gods!

[Game Features]

——Reincarnation, revitalize the fairy gate, be the master, recruit the sword fairy, the fairy gate that works differently

I am willing to become the head of my life, to be martyrdom, and to turn things around. At the beginning of the game, demons invaded, the world changed, entered the world of the fairy gate, re-held the mountain of Shu, and met Li Yingqiong, in order to make the world alive, the righteousness will last, run the fairy gate, devote yourself to the enlightenment, revitalize the glory of the Shu mountain, my generation is obliged.

To create things, the master needs to learn the way of refining tools, refining magic weapons, and resist the magical way;

To enter the world with a pill, the leader needs to learn the way of Qihuang, refine the pill, and get rid of evil spirits;

When the jade is empty, the leader needs to learn the way of enlightenment, enlighten the book of immortals, and expand the immortal gate;

——Recruit sword immortals, kill demons and exterminate demons, make friends with immortals, and fly together, all sword immortals are free to get

I would like to find immortals to visit friends, make sword immortals widely, and punish demons and exterminate demons. The long road of cultivating immortals, all swordsmen and celestial beings help each other, sharing the same hatred of enemies, punishing demons and exterminating demons; establishing sects and sects, crossing the road of immortal cultivation; building the glory of immortal gates, cultivating the realm of immortals, and composing shocking legends.

Massive sword immortals, pure ice and jade, lonely, tall and jealous, and modest gentlemen, can make friends;

Barter can be obtained, forging magic weapons, refining pill, sword immortal love, you can recruit.

——Common like-minded people, lead to immortal alliances, clean the caves, eliminate demons, and all parties call for the elimination of demons to defend the Tao

I would like to support justice, gather sects, and ward off evil spirits. Go through the mortal dungeons, practice and ascend to the realm; bravely venture into the caves of the devil, Wuliang Mountain, Wudang Immortal Mansion, Luoshen Juding and dozens of secret realms, call for friends, establish sects, build sects, gather sects, slay demons and exterminate demons!

A copy of the mortal world, sweeping the world, fighting demons, collecting magic weapons, guarding spirit beasts, and reshaping the peaceful world;

Establish a school, call for friends and friends, lead to immortal alliances, feed mythical beasts, call out all directions, and revitalize the immortal gate;

Sects eliminate demons, enter the devil's den, break into the secret realm, fight against the demons, clear the world, and shock the four directions;

——Alchemy with sharp weapons, fighting against the sky, forging magic weapons, making magical pills, cultivating immortals and becoming the natural way of fighting

I am willing to guard Shushan alone, forge the magic weapon, practice the elixir, and achieve great success in Taoism. The long road to cultivating immortals, even the ancient Buddha with a blue lantern, does not change his original aspirations; forge magic weapons, cast artifacts, refine elixir, and make immortal medicines; use mortal bodies to do immortal things.

Seek immortals and ask medicine, strengthen the body, replenish vitality and blood, and help overcome the catastrophe;

Smelt magic weapons, use magic weapons, hold sharp weapons, break through combat power, and watch the world;

——With spirit beasts, wandering in the West China Sea, lingering beasts, watching the breath, and exploring Shushan with thousands of blessings

I would like to travel all over the world, visit spirit beasts, and understand the way of imperial beasts. In the world of spirit beasts, imperial spirit beasts, nine-transformed dragons, golden swallowing rats, primordial spirit rays, ganoderma lucid horses, more than a dozen kinds of spirit beasts accompany them on the road of cultivation.

Enter the world of spirit beasts, raise cute pets, produce resources, and get magic pill magic easily;

Zongmen divine beasts, gods bless the immortal doors, qi and blood bonus, increased combat power, and the four great divine beasts are blessed by the gods;

——Interactive plot, the bondage of the sword fairy, relieve the demon of the heart, break the grudges, and the interactive emotional bondage of the sword fairy

I would like to travel through the ninth reincarnation and explore the fetters of Shushan. Explore the blessings of the misty Shushan cave, realize the avenue of magical powers of the world, make friends with swordsmen, love and hate entanglements, and immortal fetters.

Personality sword fairy, fresh and pleasant Li Yingqiong, lonely moon that haunts late at night, inject soul into sword fairy and have his own life track;

Interactive plot, different Sword Fairy with different plots, free ending of story development, your choice affects the entire sect;

——Relaxation, easy to become immortals, digging into the mountains, exploring the blessed places, and cultivating immortals with the hand of the shopkeeper

I would like to be happy in the mountains and rivers. Cultivation of immortals, battle to eliminate demons, management of immortals, cultivation of sword immortals, equipment creation, one-click completion, and profitable offline, let’s come to Shushan for a happy life!

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My fairy gate
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