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My adventure career

My adventure career

By: 深圳市加冕加科技有限公司

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The game "My Adventure Career" highly restores the primeval forest scene of Shennongjia, Hubei, exploring the unknown forest...

1. The history of the game is integrated into the Chinese herbal medicine culture for the first time. All Chinese herbal medicine formulas in the game are completely in accordance with the actual Chinese medicine prescriptions;

2. The first weapon matching strategy in similar games, the method of making bows and arrows, and the order of arrows to achieve different attribute effects;

3. Simulate the real ecological balance, and rational collection according to the laws of nature becomes the way of survival;

4. Spring, summer, autumn and winter are cloudy, sunny, rainy and snowy, and the weather changes in four distinct seasons. It is necessary to test the player to arrange a reasonable plan according to the weather conditions;

① The only one in the world to join the Chinese herbal medicine culture, 100% of the real Chinese herbal formulas are used to make hundreds of herbal collocations, mountains and rivers are involved in dangerous collection, different diseases in the game also need to be remedied, and the growth of drugs also follows the natural base limit.

② A reasonable combination of bows and arrows is the key to victory. Strategic gameplay is exhausting. Archery distance and boss attributes must be kept in mind. The types of arrows must be matched according to prompts and observations during battle.

③ Game resources emphasize ecological balance-the reproduction and mutual restraint of species are in accordance with the laws of nature, and different species in the food chain influence each other. Excessive collection will lead to slow reproduction.

④ The game design is highly realistic-spring, summer, autumn and winter are four distinct seasons, spring is full of vitality, and resources are abundant, and winter is scarce in cold weather, and material collection and production require reasonable arrangements.

An unforgettable memory, a real dream... All the stories start from the heroine who unfortunately encounters a car accident and becomes unconscious and becomes a vegetative. Can she escape the wilderness in her dream, and can she overcome the disease and wake up in the chaos? Please walk into her story with her...

My adventure career
Hossam Galal

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