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Musk is Adventure

Musk is Adventure

By: 泰格游戏

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"Musk's Adventure" is an independent stand-alone game that combines RPG and TPS. Players will accompany Musk in the game to find the secrets of his life experience.

We have added some of our own inspiration while retaining the random game features of roguelike.

[Game Features]

▶Optimized operation mode

The game is set for one-handed operation. We have optimized the props and UI for the one-handed mode, so that players can experience the game with one hand.

▶Various attack masks

Players can collect various mask fragments during the game. Each mask has its own characteristics. We also equip the mask with exclusive burst skills to enhance the player’s combat experience. At the same time, we will continue to add new battle masks. Increase the game fun of players

▶Equipment accumulation and development system

Players can obtain various equipment kits during the game, and improve the various attributes of the character by upgrading the equipment level, and then defeat all kinds of BOSS

▶Rich weapons and props performance

The game contains a large number of auxiliary props that are actively used, each of which has different special effects. After upgrading the attack mask, the bullets fired by the character will also change accordingly

▶ Combination of levels and plot

Compared with the new attempt of the traditional Roguelike game's failed comeback mechanism, it retains the randomness of the levels of this type of game, including map generation, monster farming and enemy encounters, equipment and props dropping, boss battles, etc. At the same time, story missions are used throughout, giving players the goal of passing the level, and retaining the progress of the completed level. Players do not need to start from the beginning every time, but pursue a perfect level with a higher number of stars.

We will continue to add new content, new props, and new game modes to the game to make the game more interesting and give players more new experiences

Musk is Adventure
Hossam Galal

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