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Mr Leek is Battle

Mr Leek is Battle

By: 狮子游戏

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"Mr. Leek Battle" is a magical decompression casual game. Mr. Leek battles with a magical and ever-changing expression face. You can harvest mature crops with different expressions by sliding your finger.

The game integrates the simulation of operation and placement. The player will simulate cutting the leeks here, and constantly water your leeks to let it grow and harvest continuously.

Happy, angry, depressed, sad, cute, angry...Each crop has different expressions according to the mood. The magical and mind-expanding, wonderful, interesting, and quirky crops bring a unique farm. life.

[Game Features]

A variety of different scene settings, brand-new personalized gameplay is coming, and a variety of unique props are at your disposal!

If you want to experience more refreshing cutting of leeks, it is best to cultivate more rich and dense leeks!

Interesting and unique casual games, daily check-in with various benefits, wonderful and fun gameplay make you want to stop!

Experience simple, smooth and interesting gesture control, and farm management can also give players a great harvest experience!

The best fun game to kill time, relieve your work pressure during the continuous cutting of leeks!

Mr  Leek is Battle
Hossam Galal

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