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Mountain and Sea Baby: The Origin of Mythology Totem Struggle for Hegemony

Mountain and Sea Baby: The Origin of Mythology Totem Struggle for Hegemony

By: 杭州魔域网络科技有限公司

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Genuine IP + strategy + card + development + real-time competition + sandbox

Breaking the boring pre-war layout of traditional strategy games, diversified beasts and diversified growth gameplay, the whole game process is relaxed and free.

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Core gameplay:

1. Build a vibrant kingdom

1. Build your mountain and sea baby home to benefit you and your allies!

2. Construct sophisticated defensive buildings to protect you and your allies from attacks by other players!

2. Massively multiplayer online PVP strategy tower defense war game

1. Fight with the mountains and seas of millions of players, raid the enemy camp, and harvest legendary trophies!

2. The ultimate 3D fine graphics, experience the most real and bloodiest Chinese ancient myths, conflict and conflict games!

3. Form and match the most powerful strategic army to lead your beasts and crush the enemy's tower defense!

3. Epic ancient battlefields, legendary battles, alliance expeditions

1. Enter the fantasy-like strategic battlefield map, fight fiercely against the strongest lords of other servers, and win your own glory!

2. Mutual assistance with the most reliable allies to build solid tower defenses. Assemble with the most solid companions, and attack indestructible!

3. Explore huge mysterious places with Shanhai Baby and organize chaotic conflicts around the world. Win rich game rewards for battlefield activities!

4. Resolve world conflicts and become the king's dominance

1. Use your extraordinary strategies and tactics to attack the enemy’s Shenlong Temple, plunder their resources with the mountain and sea treasures fighting with you, and occupy the alliance tower defense copy with your allies, and become the king of the ruler!

2. Appoint and dismiss the most loyal companions to improve their attributes; or impose the most cruel title on the enemy to reduce their status!

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I am a dragon.

I have only one ruined temple to stand on.

Opposite me is endless laughing, mocking and contemptuous monsters, monsters cruelly invading this world.

My left hand Xuanwu artillery, right hand Zhuque crossbow, all the way from Qingqiu Mountain to Xuanyuan Valley.

I looked at them coldly, who didn't belong to this world, with a terrible expression of pain and death.

I numbly looked at my hanging head and sprayed blood, as well as a place of money and dragon jade.

I can't give up. If I really want to die, it's just because the world doesn't deserve my foot to step on it again.

I am the dragon who wants to maintain peace in this continent

I am the dragon who will inherit the position of totem


I can't make it up

My mountain and sea baby pays money! ! !

Mountain and Sea Baby: The Origin of Mythology Totem Struggle for Hegemony
Hossam Galal

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