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Monster Safari

Monster Safari

By: 心动

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- Build and manage your own monster empire!

You can choose to start from a park with a small foundation in a different ecological environment, or an open space completely in ruins to build an entire monster empire.

On this continent, there are all kinds of weird monsters, explore, find, hatch them, understand their living habits and temperaments, build suitable habitats for them, and fill your monster empire with them.

Get more monsters, put nice park decorations, increase the prestige of the park, and attract more tourists. Satisfy tourists' viewing needs and daily needs, thereby earning more funds.

Hire employees to help you replace the food troughs and sinks for the monsters, repair damaged buildings, treat the monsters, and protect the safety of the park. Of course, you must also pay attention to their lives.

- Make a decision, how to train your monsters!

Here, you may encounter very cute and cute elf monsters, stone giants that continue to grow up, dumb-headed two-headed men who suspect strange births, fierce and cruel Tyrannosaurus, legendary black dragons, etc...

but! You can fully use your imagination to actively shape them, and gradually change them by deliberately arranging their habitats, selective feeding and some special behaviors or events, so that they can achieve certain conditions. Obtain various characteristics. For example, it is possible to raise a docile, nanny-type tyrannosaurus, a stone giant who will never grow up, etc.!

- More challenges are waiting for you!

When you are familiar with how to build a park reasonably and how to raise your monsters, what do you need to do when you want to grow your empire?

Use your expedition team to gradually explore deeper and farther in this continent, looking for more rare monsters, maybe you can bring back some monster eggs, special props, or go deeper into the road.

Open the calendar to learn about the big and small festivals and event competitions in the world, follow the traditions of the festivals, and prepare for the event competitions. For example, on Halloween, you need to build enough candies in the park for tourists and monsters to use; during the events of "Moe Monster Movie", "Monster Sound", and "The World's No. 1 Budo Club", you Need to choose carefully cultivated monsters to participate in the activity competition in order to obtain rewards.

Find the research institute to unlock more ecological decorations, more types of shops, magical buildings, more ways to raise monsters, and some rules and regulations of the park. For example, canneries, theme restaurants, dangerous monster protection laws, and so on.

From time to time, some special tourists will visit your park. They may be local tyrant tourists (VIP 15), political and business figures, greedy goblins, militant hunters, etc. You need to take special care of these special tourists. Of course, you can also determine their survival, or even arrest them and raise them in captivity, as long as you like them.

- More content in development

Mysterious merchants will bring their private goods to make a deal with you. It may be a monster you carefully cultivated, it may be a monster egg, or some props that are attracted to you.

The achievement system is also one of our gameplay methods. You need to accumulate achievement points by completing various wonderful achievements to unlock unique game content.

Regarding the easter eggs, it is a very happy thing to be able to put all the interesting content you think of into the game. I also hope that the players will laugh endlessly when they see these funny and interesting content, so please everyone Try to discover it yourself!

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Regarding the online issue that everyone is often concerned about, the game still needs a period of polishing (the first quarter of next year?) to improve the content and playability of the game, after all, quality comes first. We will release the ea version on steam first, and start porting the mobile phone as soon as possible

The Steam page is currently open, everyone, please poke the "wish list" hard (◍°∇°◍)ノ゙

Steam page:

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Monster Safari
Hossam Galal

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