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Monster Royal

Monster Royal

By: 吉游社

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[Fight! Little Monster]

Want to win this 4V4 crash game? Then: hit your opponent! Drive them out of the arena!

The combat system of the game is simple enough: move, jump, attack. Everything is focused on the simplest question-how to beat your opponent!

The game’s combat system is deep enough: destructible terrain, various props/organs, dynamically changing scene events, and teammates’ coordinated combos. These elements can interact, a simple impact or use of props may produce all kinds of unexpected surprises!

Show off your excitement in this 4-8 minute game!

[Be restless! Little Monster]

Full 3D battle scenes, highlands, low-lying areas, pools, steps, cliffs, etc., every inch of the venue is your show field. If you think you are a handicapped party, don't worry, just push the joystick, and the little monster's parkour skills will be activated immediately, automatically surpassing the mountains and controlling various terrains!

[Grow up! Little Monster]

By collecting the meat in the scene, the little monsters will become stronger: their combat characteristics will be more obvious, and they can knock the enemy farther! Hit the enemy and snatch the flesh from them! The powerful little monsters will get more attention, and the off-site audience will give more help!

[Fly! Little Monster]

In order to let the opponent have a better experience, we have tailored a set of physical system for it. The character in the fly will react differently when it encounters different things. When it hits the steps, it will be bounced into the air and hit. The wall will be bounced back, hit the ground, will be bounced high, hit teammates will bounce them away together, hit the organ... Hehe, it depends on the mood of the organ master. The bullets of some remote monsters also have a rebound attribute. Using the scene to rebound, you can fly your opponents at a tricky angle!

[Go black! Little Monster]

This is a very suitable game for playing black. Bring your teammates, turn on the voice, and come to an exciting game. Cute and friendly style, easy-to-use combat mechanism, intuitive and healthy game rules, friends or colleagues, brothers or sisters, and even your naughty nephew can play together happily. I believe you can find your own play style in the game!

Monster Royal
Hossam Galal

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