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Monster Girl Smash Bros

Monster Girl Smash Bros

By: 游技工坊

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〓Game introduction〓

"Monster Girl Smash Bros." is a casual fight game with the theme of Monster Girl. In the game, the player will operate the monster girls under the command of the Demon King City, with different scenes and different gameplay mechanisms, and start simple and interesting fast-paced multiplayer battles with the monster girls under other players.

[Game highlights: simple operation, one minute to get started]

o( =•ω•= )m~ Simply operate the monster girl, just move and attack.

When the monster girl is fully charged, she can release her ultimate skills and defeat her opponents in one go~

[Game highlights: rich scenes, multiple play methods]

Ψ( ̄∀ ̄)Ψ~There are multiple scene maps in "Monster Girl Smash Bros.", each scene has a brand new scenery and unique gameplay. The Demon Lord can go to different scenes with the cute monster girls to enjoy Different fun to play~

——Gouyu Competition: Collect 7 Gouyu and win the game!

-Battle point duel: Eliminate opponents, 2 wins in 3 rounds!

——Survival in the Star Realm: Fight for each other, and strive to survive to the end!

[Game Introduction: Treasure System]

The new treasure system has been updated: it can strengthen the monster girl, or provide a new skill for the monster girl

φ(≧ω≦*)♪~ Treasures are divided into two types: active treasures and passive treasures: active treasures can provide a new skill for the monster girl, and passive treasures can provide powerful effects for the monster girl just by wearing it.

The new treasure system will greatly enrich the collocation strategy of Lord Demon Lord, please show off your strategy to the best of Lord Demon~

[Game Introduction: Neutral Treasure Box Items]

Neutral treasure chests will be randomly generated during the battle, and the monster girl will get random effects after picking it up. Although most of them are simple props, there is a small probability that they will get powerful effects that can change the battle situation~

——Giant Potion: After picking it up, the body of the monster girl will become larger, and the attack power and health value will be greatly increased. Feel the mighty power of transforming into a giant!

——Thunder God’s Blessing: After being picked up, the monster girl will become an electrostatic physique, and will continue to strike random enemies around with lightning. Hurry up and rush into the pile of people to discharge!

In addition, there are mysterious "color" egg props hidden in the treasure chest, waiting for your discovery, Lord Demon~

Monster Girl Smash Bros
Hossam Galal

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