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Mini Pioneer

Mini Pioneer

By: 奇翼游戏

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"Mini Pioneer" IOS shocked the public beta on April 26th, we will see or leave~

Happy and lively 3V3 casual shooting MOBA!

Our production team has no ambitions, so we like to do some relaxed and enjoyable leisure competitions for everyone to each other (zu) (dui) hurt (kai) harm (hei)!

Atypical shooting game, fair competition, full of tricks, heroes fighting, refreshing headshots! Wake up the weapon and go to the battlefield

When waiting for the bus, waiting for people, squeezing the subway, fishing at work, and having nothing to do with Ge You paralyzed? Why don't you call your friends to fly in "Mini Pioneer"!

[Game Features]

*Shooting MOBA*

It combines the innovative gameplay of FPS shooting and classic MOBA, easy to get started, and there are countless ways to play. The 3D graphics are smooth, the characters are cute, and you can play sports easily and happily!

*Drive anytime*

Each round is 3 minutes, start quickly, start the battle anytime, anywhere! Victory came too fast, like a tornado!

*Hero Brawl*

Massive heroes, diversified skills, only you can't think of, you can't play without you! Give you a real brawl!

*You are the best weapon*

Be free and have nothing to do with your best friends, and you can invite them with one click and fly in groups!


We now have *Life and Death Frontline* and *Free Brawl* two modes for everyone to play happily. More fun modes will be launched in subsequent versions.

*Frontline of Life and Death*

3V3 classic chaos mode. Which side gets the more heads within 3 minutes wins. Friends walk together for a lifetime, whoever gives a blood is a dog!

*Free Brawl*:

10 people passionately "eat chicken" mode. Within 3 minutes, 10 people will fight in a chaos in the scene and compete for the real strong (or King Gou)!

Mini Pioneer
Hossam Galal

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