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Mini pigs defense battle

Mini pigs defense battle

By: 慧民科技

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"Mini Pig Defense" is the most fun stand-alone game (non-networked), a free game in the tower defense game, the game is simple and puzzle suitable for all ages, the game defends the enemy's attack by summoning various heroes and building defensive towers , Defending the castle is your mission, and the empire battle is your strategy. Protect the piggy~

The strategy tower defense game defends and fights various monsters by building defensive turrets, defending your little pigs from being eaten, successfully defending the pigs in your homeland, and successfully defending will pass the level! This strategy tower defense game has a huge map, a lot of monsters, and stunning attack effects, allowing you to experience different game fun in the same tower defense game! In order to defend your little piggy, you must plant various turrets and obstacles on the path that the monster must pass. Different roads have different special effects. Special effects such as lightning, freezing, slowing, and stun can all let you kill monsters! The game is carried out in a level-breaking mode, and the difficulty of the level is gradually increased. Different styles of levels are waiting for you to challenge!

Game features:

The screen is exquisite and beautiful, the operation method is simple and fast, and the background music is great. From the beginning, players only have a few types of turrets, to slowly upgrade the turrets and defeat waves of enemies. In the process, your enemies will also improve their skills and weapons. The difficulty of the game will gradually increase as the game progresses. . Players' skills and decisions will determine their own survival. The game has unique characteristic heroes, a variety of novel props, and many fun characteristic levels. Come and experience the thrill of the game!

Mini pigs defense battle
Hossam Galal

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