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Mini adventure

Mini adventure

By: 乐信游戏

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"Mini Adventure" is an RPG game that allows players to freely choose the role they want to play.

Main plot:

The appearance of monsters broke the tranquility of the six countries in the mini-Cube world. The desperate king commissioned a priestess to find the savior of this world.

Under the call of the priestess, the player came to this world and embarked on an adventure together with the mini heroes in order to find the seal crack and uncover the black hand behind the scenes.

Knights castle.

Ancient forest.

Magic forbidden area.

A country of wealth.

The city of technology.

Dwarf Federation.

And the lost place in the center crack.

Wait for the player to find the legendary weapons and equipment.

So who is using the power of evil? Come to the game and adventure with the brave!

================================================== ===

What kind of history is hidden in this cube world?

What kind of story is happening to everyone in each country?

What is the real brave like?

What kind of new generation will the behavior of the brave men bring?

There is no limit to equipment, and you can become whoever you want to become.

Even if you are a support, you can also carry the knife into battle.

There are 10,000 matches for 10,000 players.

The completion of the mission of the heroes will determine the plot of the next generation.

Personally write the era and history of creating brave men.

Become the legendary hero of this generation.

Mini adventure
Hossam Galal

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