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Maze GO!

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Original innovative gameplay! Dreamy scenes, rich characters, compact rhythm, brand new strategy racing game-"Maze Run"

A journey about dreams, different strategies, and skills to start your adventure!

"Never Ending" is built by the independent game team; it once again brings a brand new strategy racing game experience.

game introduction:

The little girl "Pudding" strayed into the dream world, unlocked various props under the guidance of the dream elf, and learned countless lighthouse magic.

In order to save the dream world contaminated by nightmares, you must challenge the nightmare guardian in the maze, challenge time, and light up the ultimate light of hope.

Game features:

[Start anytime and stop anytime! One in 60 seconds]

One-handed operation LAN strategy racing game, PVE pass mode 60 seconds to enjoy the exciting racing experience. Properly choose props, cooperate with your hands and brain, and run to the end! PVP, whoever runs to the finish line first, you can do it!

[Innovative gameplay-lighthouse magic]

The lighthouse is a functional building in the game. By providing lighthouse magic, it provides players with their own attribute gain or the opponent's attribute debuff effect;

Players can pre-equip 6 lighthouse magics in each game;

In the game, when the player approaches the lighthouse, the lighthouse will randomly provide 2 from the equipped content for the player to choose;

The lighthouse can be used repeatedly, and there is a cooling time after each use;

[Innovative gameplay-props]

Similar skills, provide players with various attribute bonuses, reduce the difficulty of their own customs clearance or increase the difficulty of the opponent's customs clearance;

Players can carry 3 kinds of props in advance in each game;

Different props CD are different, and each use needs to consume a certain amount of light dust (fee points);

The item itself can be used repeatedly and will not be consumed

[Fun role]

The game has rich and interesting original characters with unique styles;

Each character has its own action style, interactive expressions and game sound effects;

Each character is equipped with interesting passive skills, such as: accelerating after using props, accelerating when obtaining gold coins, automatically jumping over obstacles, automatically obtaining shields, placing random gains or debuffs on opponents...

Players can unlock and purchase characters by advancing levels, defeating Boss, and some characters can be purchased directly or obtained through activities.

【Special Note】

In the game "Maze Run", users currently buy gems in the mall, and the discounts for the activities they participate in cannot be restored~

【contact us】

If you like our game, please feel free to comment and leave a message.

Official QQ group: 495270209

Maze GO!
Hossam Galal

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