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Mark of the Witch

Mark of the Witch

By: 极风游科技

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The game story takes place in a magical overhead world. Witches with different purposes embark on an adventure journey in order to obtain the certification of the Wizards Guild-the Seal of the Witch. What kind of stories will happen to brave witches, gloomy mature women, and cute elves during their experience? What kind of truth is hidden behind this? Waiting for you to unlock the answer.

[Game Features]

·Free growth card strategy game, the game is more casual and protects the liver and reduces krypton.

·Playing against the cards of the Wizard’s Guild in the level may be different every time!

·The system will place random neutral cards in the level and try to get them to win.

· Each witch and wizard guild instructor has unique characteristics and skills.

·Use the collected gems to improve your character's abilities and unlock new poses to conquer the enemy!

·Explore the mysterious continent, unlock new levels and new witches, to discover more stories and secrets.

·Compete with other witches!

· Card design pays attention to balance, limited cards can create a variety of play styles, make good use of the combination of cards to create your unique combat strategy.

Put yourself in the game and follow the witches to experience this magical world!

Mark of the Witch
Hossam Galal

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