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"Magic Veins" is a Q version of the art style role-playing game. The game uses magical themes as the background, and the cute wizard protagonist starts the adventure. You can do many things in the game, release scrolls, use potions, dodge and shoot monsters , Use your flexible fighting game method, and move forward bravely with him.

The game contains a large number of unique gameplay:

1. The game has different element attributes, the 4 basic magic attributes, land, wind, water, and fire mutually restrain each other, and the advanced magic attributes restrain each other from light and darkness.

2. Players need to hand-paint the corresponding rune magic to deal with special skill releases and special levels

3. A variety of unique attack types (penetration, split, rapid, scattering, push, burst and other types), corresponding to different situations for various magic wands

4. A combination of a variety of monsters, each monster will have different characteristics and skills and AI strategy mode

5. Unique magic career features and corresponding skills

6. Legendary equipment unique to the level, each level in the game has unique characteristics and equipment

7. Unique magic creation system, through the fusion of magic materials, you can get a unique magic wand, all wands have unique characteristics and attributes (focus on, escape from Europe and not dream)

Hossam Galal

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