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Machine memory

Machine memory

By: Futurelove游戏

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"In the world of cyberpunk, fall in love with the maid robot!"

This is a text adventure game with the cyberpunk world as the background.

Players will play the role of a cartoonist who is engaged in robot comics drawing, interact with the maid robot through options, so as to achieve different game endings.

story background:

This is an era of robots, and this is also an era in which the concept of "human" gradually disappears.

The bionic robots created by the new technological revolution have blurred the boundaries between humans and robots, possessing intelligence no less than humans. Because of its low cost and high efficiency, it has been quickly applied to various industries and promoted economic development.

As robots participate in more and more social fields, people’s excitement about the emergence of intelligent robots has gradually turned into fear and confusion. A large number of humans are unemployed and cannot be settled. Robot-related crimes are frequent. It was originally established in traditional human society. The ethical and moral order of Shanghai also collapsed. The government banned the Robot Management Act, used electronic collars for unified management and monitoring of robots, and established targeted AI inspection departments. But all these measures are difficult under the capital pressure of the robot manufacturing company.

In the cyberpunk world where robots are being pushed to the forefront, a third-rate cartoonist who was rejected because the robots did not look like the drawings, coincidentally bought an unidentified maid robot as a reference for the comics.


**It is recommended to play in full screen with 1080P resolution to get the best game quality experience**

**The second half of this game uses a variety of art styles for artistic expression, not because the material is called an error, you can play with the plot with confidence**

Machine memory
Hossam Galal

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