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LUNA The Shadow Dust

LUNA The Shadow Dust

By: 椰岛游戏

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Game story background:

The dance of the shadow depends on the swaying of candlelight. The darkness has never been separated from me, it is part of the light. ——Song of the Moon Watcher

On the edge of reality and magic, stands an ancient tower. The magicians named moon watchers living in the tower shoulder the sacred duty that has been granted since the ancient times-to maintain light and darkness among all things in the world. Energy balance. However, one day, an accident happened suddenly, breaking the long silence. With the sudden disappearance of the moon in the night sky, the dark nightmare sealed in the night immediately flooded the entire world, and everything was about to be shrouded in eternal chaos.

After waking up from the coma at the bottom of the tower, in order to retrieve his lost memories and discover the truth behind the accident, the protagonist of the game, the little boy, will join the player and his mysterious companion to unfold a period full of unknowns. Adventure brigade.

Game features:

- Operating platform: PC / Mac / iOS / Android

- Type: Mouse click adventure puzzle game (independently developed)

- Exquisite hand-drawn style background / frame-by-frame animated character dynamics

- Two-player control system: Players can control two characters in the game separately, and pass through the game through cooperation

- Unique and novel puzzles that challenge the player's logical reasoning ability, observation, imagination, and even sensitivity to music!

- Replace boring text dialogue with well-made animated short films, and there is no language barrier throughout the game!

- Music: High-quality independent original game music

LUNA The Shadow Dust
Hossam Galal

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