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Longevity Urn

Longevity Urn

By: 冰鸟百宝屋

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"Longevity Urn" is a brand-new mobile game for immortal cultivation in the national style. It strives to restore the real immortal cultivation experience, and hopes to bring you a refreshing gaming experience for immortal cultivation enthusiasts.

【story background】

In the ancient times, a hundred tribes scattered in the land of Taishi. Those who feel innocent among the hundreds of sentient beings, receive the essence of the sun and the moon, can realize the way of heaven, become supernatural powers of their own, and live forever.

After such ten thousand years, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth has dried up, and the creatures of hundreds of races are in danger. Those with great magical powers created the spiritual world on the Nine Heavens, moved into it, and banned all inheritance in the Taishi Land as a remedy.

Thousands of years have passed away, the sun and the moon are gone, and the masses of beings in the land of the Great Beginning have begun a new round of searching for longevity...

[Game Features]

1. Unique experience of real immortality cultivation

The hands-free on-hook training gameplay can continuously increase the cultivation level offline; the innovatively designed soul training system truly restores the experience of "the soul is out of the body" and "multi-purpose" in the novels of Xiuxian. You can also burn incense and read the scriptures in the library of books and practice the law to sharpen your spells, and you can experience the close-to-real experience of cultivating immortals.

2. Half-turn strategy battle

The ATB mode is a half-round battle to ensure the strategy while not losing the sense of urgency of the battle; the unique Dharma phase development system, which condenses the immortal Dharma body to help you in the battle; diversified skills and skills match to form an equivalent In-depth development system.

3. Rich Dongfu practice gameplay

Alchemy first plant medicine, refining tool first digs. Treasures of heaven and earth, those who are destined to get it The alchemy must look for the world's elite to activate the "Taishi Shenmu" feature, fight against the monsters and cultivate the elixir, and make every effort and harvest, and refine it into a rare god pill. Formula, refining the strongest magic weapon.

4. Freely explore all the caves and blessed places

Choose your exploration route freely, and chances are waiting for you. Retreat and treasure hunt are all under your control. Every time you travel around the world, you will have a different route to choose from, retreat from the enemy, hunt for treasures, break through layers of obstacles, step into unique adventures, and win no chance. You can even worship into the sect, look for friends of immortals, make friends all over the world, and become famous all over the world.

Longevity Urn
Hossam Galal

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