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Little Village Chief

Little Village Chief

By: 四三九九网络股份有限公司

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"Little Village Chief" is a war strategy game that simulates operation, construction, and combat in a pixel-Q version style. The main gameplay of the game is divided into two parts: village management and construction, and recruiting troops to fight the world.

Village management and construction: As the head of a village, farmers can be recruited to open up wasteland, build houses, plant land, cut wood, mine, produce goods, sell them, and obtain gold coins in various ways. In addition, the village chief needs to design the buildings of the village and train unused farmers and businessmen to maximize operating profits and prepare sufficient resources for the war against the world.

Recruiting troops to fight the world: From the village chief in charge of economic construction, into a commander in the world, increase your reputation, recruit famous generals and famous troops from various countries, start from the Goryeo Kingdom in the Far East, fight on the three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa, and cross the American continent on the other side of the ocean , And finally establish the power of immortality, establish your own empire that never sets!

"Little Village Chief" hopes to let everyone experience the fun of running a farm, and at the same time satisfy everyone's desire to dominate the world and become the pride of a generation. Then, let's meet together in the village!

=======Game Features=======

-Village construction-

Simulated business ideal township

-Set up shop-

You build a prosperous village

-Cute pixels-

Super cute characters have their own characteristics

-Recruiting and buying horses-

Recruit famous Chinese and foreign players

-Sweep the world-

Do not accept the strategy battle

Little Village Chief
Hossam Galal

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