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Linzhong Road

Linzhong Road

By: Fort23 Studios

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Life is a long way, one choice, how much courage do we need to accumulate to move into the future?

From dawn to night, from crossing the valley to looking up at the starry sky, "There are two roads in a wood, and I chose the one with fewer people. From then on, I decided the path of my life."

When I look back, I don't need to care about the wrong path I have traveled. This is my choice.

"Lin Road" is an exquisite horizontal puzzle game. Players control runes with different functions and collect crystals that represent courage to create a path and open the door to the future.

The game is divided into five chapters, namely dawn, dusk, night, starry sky and valley. Each chapter corresponds to rune blocks with different functions-forest, light, sleep, gravity and balance. Players need to use the various functions of rune blocks to create a path to the future.

Dawn: ordinary path, place to pass;

Twilight: Reality and illusion, trigger the switch;

Nightfall: the shackles of bubbles, stepping on and moving;

Starry sky: up and down and left and right, gravity changes;

Valley: The weight of the environment floats from side to side.

At the same time, in order to give the majority of players the opportunity to show their ingenuity and interact with other players, the game has also designed a "custom level" function. Players who are full of creativity can design a level dedicated to "you" and upload it to the creative space, making it difficult for others. As long as the "you" level can finally lead to the end, the naming rights of the card will allow all players to see your work, and may even be officially selected as a level of "Lin Zhonglu".

Linzhong Road
Hossam Galal

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