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"Ling Xi" is a collection of visual interactive games, subverting the traditional text reading, allowing you to have an immersive game experience, each work seems to be a miraculous journey!

【Exquisite performance】

Highly restore every character in the story, with beautiful story scenes, different music and sound effects, and bring you an unprecedented emotional feeling.

[AVG original story]

Covers national style, ancient style, fantasy, master, star, doomsday, palace battle, adventure, supernatural, sadomasochism, urban, youth, etc., covering all popular themes, giving you more choices.

[Characters hit the headlines]

In the story, you will meet many characters unexpectedly, and these characters you meet may become stars in "Ling Xi", interact with them in the story, and call them crazy outside the story. Let the characters make the headlines and be known by more people! The warm little brother or the domineering president? We have everything you like!

[National Producer]

It’s not fun to play and you can still participate in the creation. No need to write code or draw, as long as you can type, you can make your own original works.

Hossam Galal

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