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Life Simulator (Test)

Life Simulator (Test)

By: kiwigames

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Life Simulator is a simulation game in which everything happens randomly and with a high degree of freedom. You will be randomly born in a certain country, a certain family, and you will grow up from the age of 0, start your own business, get married, have children, die of illness, and do all the things you would never dare to do. Your gender, attributes and talents are all random, and only the actions and choices you make can change them. The game can be played countless times, with countless different outcomes, so you'll need to use your brain to get the most out of it.


- Rich life experiences, huge Chinese details, and development strategies are added. For example: small childhood memories, adolescent rebellion, the pressure of examinations, the feelings between classmates and brothers, the struggle to work, the small warmth between lovers and so on all kinds of things.

- The careers are designed to be more balanced with real life, not exaggerated. Every different job has different events and different endings. In addition to working, in the subsequent versions, we also plan to open a company to start a business, so that families without money can achieve wealth through their own efforts. Your own children can join the company to work on the family business together.

- The characters in the game, such as your parents, hu***and and wife, children, etc., are living people who will actively interact with you and have an impact on the outcome.

- Nurturing and education of future generations: to pay homage to Chinese parents, we have incorporated many of their strengths. If you are not educated well, the tragedy of children being ungrateful and having no one to retire to in old age is also possible.

- Life after retirement is no longer monotonous and uninteresting, you can attend senior college, you can square dance, you can attend class reunions for nothing.

Since there are too many features, I won't list them all, please go to the game and experience it directly!

Life Simulator (Test)
Hossam Galal

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