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Kyushu is an innovative Q-Meng Xianxia online game, which combines ancient mythology and the theme of Xianxia, allowing you to recall the classics, cultivate immortality and eliminate demons anytime and anywhere. Dozens of game scenes, hundreds of fashion and mountings, thousands of spirit animals and fairy gods will accompany you, all of which will give you a unique experience of becoming an immortal and doing righteous deeds. To roam the heavens and the earth, to battle the clouds; not for the sake of redness, but for the sake of the heavens! The three worlds of pleasure start here!


- The illusory world of the Nine States.

Dozens of strange and bizarre game scenes, such as Green Hills, Penglai, Buzhou Mountain, Luoxi Valley, Xuanyuan Hill, Tongtian River, etc., together with the cool combat skills of the protagonists and the changing fashion styles, will bring you the ultimate perfect visual feast.

- Spiritual Beasts Accompany, Immortal Gods Walk

Dozens of ancient spiritual beasts, such as the Hun Qi, Vermillion Bird, Beast, Tong Gong, Zhu Rong, Executioner, Di Hao...thousands of ancient immortal gods and goddesses will be raised freely. You will have a unique way to cultivate your immortality.

-Exquisite fashions, unique mounts...

Cool artifacts, a hundred different mounts, splendid wings, a hundred different auras, log in and get a free gift. Change the traditional game always the same character dress up, get a million battle power of real improvement. Your path to immortality, do you want to be immortal or overbearing?

-Classics don't die, innovation continues.

The classic and traditional Xianxia gameplay is adopted. Not only the traditional gameplay such as treasure map, team up to catch ghosts and fishing is retained, but also the game features such as boss battle, city lord looting, gods and goddesses sealing, asking the dawn of heaven and other game activities are added, allowing you to recall the classics and experience a different road to immortality.

Hossam Galal

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