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Jianghu Heroes

Jianghu Heroes

By: 成都市玉米树科技

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The story takes place on a mysterious eastern continent.

In the middle of the mainland, this group of people lived, they called themselves the Central Plains Dynasty.

In the north of the mainland, a group of cultivation and transformation animals and various spirits are produced.

In the south of the mainland, there are all kinds of miasma and swamps, and the descendants of the ancient Wu clan live here. In the south of these witches, close to the sea, there are various islands in the sea on which murlocs who live by pirates live.

Although these tribes have all kinds of frictions with each other, there is no large-scale war.

But one day, extraterritorial evil spirits invaded from the West, and their purpose was to wipe out everything on this continent. In order to fight against these powerful demons, all the tribes put aside their previous grievances and united against the demons.

On this continent, there is a transcendent organization called the Sanctuary. Most of the people in the sanctuary are the top powerhouses in the world, and their duty is to defend the peace of this continent and organize foreign enemies who invade the mainland. Because of the invasion of the demons, the temple will also appear to drive the demons out of this continent.

In this way, a grand battle kicked off.

Game features

【Diversified Matching】

6 different factions, 100+ heroes, mix and match can produce faction halo effect!

Various personality skills are available for you to choose and match to form a powerful team that belongs to you!

【Place to fight】

No need to operate, just send your team and it will fight automatically!

Easily wait to get epic equipment and ancient legendary heroes!

You can get huge benefits even offline!

【Intense competition】

Participate in the arena and fight players from various countries!

Attack the highest honor on the leaderboard and get rich loot!

[The Vigorous Guild]

Build your home with players and challenge powerful monsters together!

Compete with other gangs and build the strongest gang!

【Vertical screen operation to free your hands】

The game uses vertical screen operation, allowing players to control the battle with one hand!

Clicking on any part of the game can be regarded as returning, no longer have to worry about repeatedly clicking the close button!

Make the possibility of one-handed reach 90%

【contact us】


Official QQ group: 198181834

Jianghu Heroes
Hossam Galal

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