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Jelly: Evolution

Jelly: Evolution

By: 酷骇科技

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"Jelly: Evolution" is a survival game that evolves around jelly monsters to survive. Manipulate the jelly monsters without the power of chickens. In the strange and magical world, collect resources, build camps, make tools, hunt prey, and strive to survive.

With survival in harsh environments, jelly monsters can evolve into advanced forms with unique shapes and unique shapes! Natural selection, survival of the fittest, in the process of survival, evolve towards the ultimate creature, but can you really adapt to this environment?


-Survival in the wilderness, survival of the weakest monster

-Random evolution route, never know who you will be

-Random events, unpredictable what you will face

-Upgrade camps and strive to build wilderness homes

-Various monsters, fight, run away or ask for mercy?

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Jelly: Evolution
Hossam Galal

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