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Intern Ellie

Intern Ellie

By: 优路互娱

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In order to become the god of love, Cupid Allie came to Springs Town and began her internship life. The situation in the town continued to gather together to see how the confused girl grew up.


The protagonist Allie passed the examination of Cupid Academy with the results of the crane tail and became an Eros intern.

She came to Quanshui Town of Renjie for an internship. She thought her internship life would be easy, but she didn't expect the situation of residents in the town to continue. Allie runs a flower shop while helping residents solve problems. Gradually, she becomes a famous "magic flower shop owner" in the small town. However, the unexpected appearance of the black man assassin implicated the hidden secrets of the Cupid family. Can Allie peel away the fog to find the truth and realize the dream of becoming a god of love?

The road ahead is full of difficulties, but fortunately someone is with you all the way. The male theologian who grew up together, the arrogant prince of the dream demon, the mysterious and unspoken judge of the underworld, the young girl’s thoughts, shy and unclear, who can finally get the arrow of love that belongs to her, and hand in hand with her Peer?

[Game Features]

——The male gods interact and share sweet time

Restore the reality of social interaction, and interact with the male gods intimately.

There are also character-specific plots to explore the secrets of each other's hearts and create sweet memories that belong to you.

——The interactive plot enriches the fun of the story

Fighting mobs, doing exam questions, finding objects...There are mini games hidden in the plot of each chapter.

There are interactive stories, giving you a new taste and experience.

——The decoration of the flower shop satisfies the design imagination

The interior decoration of the flower shop can be carried out according to your preferences.

There are a wide variety of home furnishing items and styles, which can fully satisfy your design imagination.

——Garden planting to enjoy the pleasure of operation

Plant different kinds of flowers, complete flower shop orders, and harvest gold coins and love.

Flowers are planted on small islands in the sky. As the plot develops, different themed islands can be unlocked.

——Diverse scenes to experience fresh painting style

The beautiful human world town, the solemn theological academy, the peach-like dream island, the combination of scenes and creativity,

The girls' heart painters are full of sincerity and hope to surprise you.

Intern Ellie
Hossam Galal

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