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In Pursuit

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Game introduction

On a dark night, a homicide occurred in a remote town, and eight suspects wandered on the street. There are only 8 hours for the innocents to prove their innocence and cooperate with the detective to solve the case; while the real murderer must continue to hide in the crowd or escape from the town. Before the morning arrives, will the murderer be arrested or run away?

How to play

"Suspect Tracking" is a 1v1 war chess strategy game. The game has 8 rounds. Players can choose to play the detective or the murderer. Each round will draw 4 from 8 suspects, each in the order of 1-2-1. Operate and move 2 people, and the suspects will be eliminated through the end of the round (whether the murderer was witnessed). The inspector needs to prevent the murderer from escaping from the town and identify the correct murderer as the winner within the specified time. The murderer needs to hide among the suspects for 8 rounds until dawn, or wait for an opportunity to escape from the town to win.

Game highlights

+Non-combat deep strategy gameplay

+ High repetitive playability

+ You can play against AI or friends, mutual games between high IQs

+Unique art style

+ Fascinating background setting

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In Pursuit
Hossam Galal

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