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In Her Eyes

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A girl from another world, "Meme", tries to summon you to help her prevent an assassination that is about to happen in 30 days. Your choice will not only form different decks and form different fighting styles, but also affect the girl’s character and lead this story to a different ending.

~Card of Destiny~

In the part of the text adventure, there will be many choices. Different choices will bring different memories. These memories and fetters will enter your library in the form of cards and become your irreplaceable weapons in battle.

~Rhythmic Cards~

In the battle, the enemy will continue to throw cards, as long as you tap according to a certain rhythm, you can block. After the fierce block, carefully consider the offense!

~The other side of the card~

What can change the nature of a person? If the card represents memories, fetters, love and regret, then it will definitely have an impact on Meme’s character. Where does this unclear assassination event end up...

~Real time flows~

Countdown to 30 days! Even if you quit the game, time will not stop flowing, so hurry up! But don’t worry, after all, Meme is loaded with #%¥&@


Game time: about 4-8 hours, you can clear the game in one afternoon

Trial version: This game provides a PC trial version, which can be downloaded on the game's official website (

Game difficulty: The default version has difficulty, but it also provides easy difficulty

~About Not Dead Luna~

We made this game, and hope that through your help, people who are trapped in a certain world can find their future.

In Her Eyes
Hossam Galal

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