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假如我是人工智能If I am AI

假如我是人工智能If I am AI

By: 内购人生PABL

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In 2013, the Prism Project was exposed. People were surprised that they were being monitored by the US government but also had a fluke: The NSA did not have the energy to monitor small people like me. Of course, humans alone cannot monitor everyone, but what about AI? In "If I'm Artificial Intelligence", you will play the role of AI. In the process of completing the AI work, you will learn how AI can do this.


There are three main chapters in the game

Chapter One 2013: You will play the AI of a recommendation engine. You will analyze the user's preferences from the user's operation, recommend the content he may like to him, and win users with accurate recommendations. In this process you will understand how AI analyzes your image from your behavior.

Chapter Two 2019: You continue to recommend content for users, but the content recommended this time is advertisements. You need to accurately find the pain points of users, increase the click-through rate of ads, and help the platform earn more revenue. In the process, you will learn about the so-called "social network interference with elections".

Chapter 3: 2026: Time comes to 2026, when recommendation algorithms and AI are more popular. You will see the lives of people from two different eras in the future on the monitor, and what impact AI has made on their lives. In this process, you will learn about the data obtained with the prism and the AI's analysis of the data, how much you can be understood by the AI, and what you will be used for when the AI understands you.

Additional Chapter 1: Introduce what a social application in 2026 looks like.

And new chapters that will continue to be added in the future~

假如我是人工智能If I am AI
Hossam Galal

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