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I come from Jianghu

I come from Jianghu


اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
ليتم إخطارك عندما تكون اللعبة جاهزة للعب

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The silver saddle illuminates the white horse and stabs like a meteor.

All the heroes enter our door, and the arena is going to work.

Log on to Steam on July 25th, with a discount of 28 yuan for the first week.

"I'm from Jianghu" is an independent game that combines martial arts, role-playing, and simulated business elements. In the game, you need to play as the leader of a small force and survive in this treacherous arena.

You can lead your disciples to explore freely in the open map of rivers and lakes, and obtain unique opportunities; you can develop your own power and increase your strength by operating different industries; you can also interact with different sect forces to make friends or eliminate other forces.

[Open rivers and lakes]

The game's travel method is based on MUD games to build an open arena. You can get rid of the limitation of the main storyline and lead your disciples to explore freely on the map.

The game time will pass by in real time, and the rivers and lakes are changing all the time.

A large number of random tasks are provided in the game, including government rewards, rumors and so on.

Interact with different arena characters, you can ask others for secret arena news, you can also kill unpleasant characters, and steal property from others at will, but be careful of the government!

There may be great opportunities hidden in every corner of the arena, only reserved for those who are good at discovering.

【Power Management】

You can recruit your favorite disciples, each disciple has different character experience and talent attributes

The business section provides a variety of industrial buildings for you to choose from, you can plan your own development route according to your preferences

The management part provides a large number of random events to enhance the fun of the game

The power development will not be smooth sailing, you may invite surprise attacks from outside powers. At this time, organize your disciples to defend!

【Martial Arts】

The game provides a variety of different levels of martial arts (will continue to be added), you can get through tasks, puzzle solving and even stealing during your travels. Different martial arts have different requirements for the nature and talent of the cultivator. You can choose the appropriate martial arts combination to enhance the combat effectiveness of your disciples.


Fast-paced multiplayer turn-based combat, which tests the martial arts collocation and combat strategy of the disciples.

【The Weapon of Gods】

There are many magic weapons hidden in the arena, if obtained by chance, it will greatly enhance the combat power. You can also build Tiangongtang in the martial arts, and use the forging system to make unique magic weapons to help you cross the rivers and lakes.

[Mod and editor]

Players can use the editor to make different mods by themselves, including but not limited to:

Character Martial Arts Map npc Technology Mission Martial Art Item Recipe Injury Buff Trigger

I come from Jianghu
Hossam Galal

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