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I buy equipment in the gods

I buy equipment in the gods

By: 风之力游戏

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"I'm Brushing Equipment in the God Realm" is a game in which the dark core places the on-hook brushing equipment. The purpose is not to force krypton, not to force the liver, so that you can easily experience the real professional BD, equipment matching, super cool monster spawning and other fun.

---- Game Features ----

☆ Matching equipment and skills to form a special combat genre

Our game has hundreds of different attribute equipment combinations. Each green suit and dark gold equipment has its own characteristics. With the talent system of different professions, players can form a unique collocation scheme to produce 1+1>2. The effect of creating your own gameplay genre. Let players experience the true dark essence and play their own fun.

☆Farewell to time constraints, you can also brush equipment while hanging up

Pick it up and play at any time, put it down and hang up in time. In everyone's fast-paced life, we don't take up too much time for players. The offline hangup time limit is removed, and the offline hangup is 100% profitable. Every time before going online, it is full of expectations. But this does not mean that the game is equal to one-click completion. We hope that everyone will spend their minds on identifying items, matching equipment, and skill combinations.

☆Random unknown adventure, refuse boring mechanical gameplay

A tribute to the classic ROGUELIKE gameplay, random exploration, monsters with the same name, but the attributes may vary greatly; random attributes, equipment with the same name, attributes may also be worlds apart; random harvest, the same treasure chest, but every time The items are different, the same copy, but every adventure is a brand new experience.

☆The language of classic runes helps to create exclusive magic weapons

Refusing to homogenize equipment, so that every player can be a master forging, use the special rune language system to correctly insert runes on the appropriate equipment, so as to obtain more powerful attributes, and create a unique and exclusive to the player Own weapon.

Currently our game is still in the development process, if you have any good suggestions, welcome to join our exchange group to discuss together.

I brush equipment in the God Realm official group 1: 642586147

I buy equipment in the gods
Hossam Galal

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