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Heroes of Might and Magic: Guardians of the Elements

Heroes of Might and Magic: Guardians of the Elements

By: 育碧中国

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Come and enter the world of "Heroes of Might and Magic: Guardians of the Elements"-a fast-paced strategy RPG game based on the medieval fantasy kingdom of "Heroes of Might and Magic".

In this fascinating journey, you can gather brave and dreamlike elemental creatures to form a strong warrior team to fight for you on the road to victory.

Join the Magic Academy

• Create your own hero and upgrade it

• Choose the genre of magic: material genre, chimeric genre or life genre

• Use the mysterious power of heroes to win in the arena

Summon a legendary team

• There are hundreds of fantastic beasts and famous creatures waiting for you to discover and collect

• Watch these lovely partners evolve into legendary combat allies

• After equipped with mysterious runes, members of the team can improve their abilities.

Training and fighting

• Upgrade your creatures to unleash their true power

• Fight in the PvP arena to be at the top of the league leaderboard

• Participate in live events and win legendary prizes and rare items!

• Form friends in the guild with friends and start a powerful team adventure

Lead your team to victory

• Face powerful opponents in fast-paced strategic RPG battles

• Use fire, water, wind, earth and other elements to coexist and restrain to gain tactical advantage

• Can cast gorgeous spells and use magical abilities of different elements

Become a legendary hero

• Adventure in the fantasy kingdom of the fictional "Heroes of Might and Magic"

• Complete various daily tasks to obtain special rewards

• Beautiful visual effects and uniquely designed creatures are fun

This App has extra paid content in the game, which allows you to purchase the points used in the game, and this kind of points can also be collected during the game without additional purchases.

Compatible with iOS 9.2 and above.

Please pay close attention to the latest game developments, exciting activities and gifts!




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Heroes of Might and Magic: Guardians of the Elements
Hossam Galal

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